For sale online 9.5″ Fry pan with Non-stick German Weilburger Ceramic Coating by Healthy Legend -ECO Friendly Non-toxic Cookware

Hello Visitors, I hope today is your lucky day. At this time I will inform you about 9.5″ Fry pan with Non-stick German Weilburger Ceramic Coating by Healthy Legend -ECO Friendly Non-toxic Cookware, this is a popular product at this month. Many people searching it through search engine to buy this product with cheapest price. The good news is we know that information and will tell you to buy 9.5″ Fry pan with Non-stick German Weilburger Ceramic Coating by Healthy Legend -ECO Friendly Non-toxic Cookware with lowest price on trusted online store in USA.

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I and My team have figure out a place where we can get 9.5″ Fry pan with Non-stick German Weilburger Ceramic Coating by Healthy Legend -ECO Friendly Non-toxic Cookware with lower price, and I will give you specific information, I have surveyed several big companies and the facts say only on Amazon we could get 9.5″ Fry pan with Non-stick German Weilburger Ceramic Coating by Healthy Legend -ECO Friendly Non-toxic Cookware with lowest price, for further information please click the product detail. and we will bring you to a place where you can get cheapest price.

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #31617 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 9.5″ diameter
  • Brand: Healthy Legend
  • Model: 9.5″
  • Dimensions: 2.00″ h x
    9.50″ w x
    16.00″ l,
    4.00 pounds


  • Coated with the best German Weilburger Greblon Ceramic nonstick finish. This coating is the best of best and 10 times more durable than Teflon and even better than ceramic-titanium.
  • Non-toxic coating, 100% PTFE and PFOA free, Safeguard for health !!! Complied with Food Grade Standards of FDA, LFGB, DGCCRF, ROHS, and REACH
  • Non-metallic cooking pure ceramic cooking surface reduce the change of darkening of food due to excessive high heat. The coating protect food from sticking and reduce the possibility of food blackening (also can cause cancer according to health professionals).
  • Made with heavy duty professional quality pressure cast aluminum will not wrap and conduct heat evenly.
  • This is a 9.5″ (24mm) fry pan with deluxe temper proof glass lid.

Product Description

Healthy Legend Professional Ceramic Coating cookware features clean, elegant lines for a most unique cookware design. It comes with the best ceramic non-stick coating from the German Weiburger Greblon. Scanpan Professional is made from a core of solid squeeze-cast aluminum, forged into shape with 250 tons of pressure. The optimum thickness of the pan base prevents warping and keeps the pan base perfectly flat, especially important when used with glass top or ceramic ranges. The patented ceramic nonstick surface from Germany is best answer to the widely known health and cancer hazard from using all traditional PFOA based non-stick surface. Almost all the non-stick cookware in department stores now are traditional PFOA based coating including the very expensive ones. If you choose to use only stainless steel cookware, you need to add a lot more oil and they are hard to clean. Healthy Legend professional cookware is safe to use with metal utensils because the coating is much harder than other non-stick coating such as Teflon. However, you should still use the non-stick cooking utensils on the save side. The only way you can damage the coating is to hit it hard with a metal utensil. It cannot scratch off easily but it can chip off like any ceramic. Why is Healthy Legend cookware Environmentally Friendly? Healthy Legend Cookware has always been PFOA and PTFE free. With their German Weiburger Greblon ceramic coating, there is no PFOA used at any stage of the entire process, resulting in a “clean and green” nonstick surface from a smooth ceramic finish. The performance of the Healthy Legend ceramic cooking surface is not different in any way from the performance of PFOA based surface. The only difference is such ceramic coating color or gray. I had replaced all my traditional non-stick coating cookwares with the Healthy Legend cookware. The included high quality glass lid is break resistance glass allow food monitoring without lid removal.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
4An Interesting 9.5″ Frying Pan.
In my search for the perfect lightweight non-stick frying pan, I bought this one and gave it a try. So far so good. It does come with a list of warnings, such as no metal utensils, no freezing, no stacking other pans on top of it in a cupboard, no knocking anything against it, etc. This is a well made and solid pan, but the care warnings make it look like just another ceramic coated pan that has to be babied. I will not be using high heat, as even though it lists a 920F(450C) degree maximum cooking temperature limit, I don’t trust any ceramic coated pan not to peel at a high cooking temperature. I will be using it with a Medium High maximum heat setting. It does come with a heavy glass cover to control grease spatter and allow you to contain the heat and view the cooking process, but at Medium High you don’t get that much spatter to begin with. I do not wash it with soap and water and a scrub sponge. Like the old fashioned cast iron frying pans, I just wipe it out with a tissue or paper towel. I will keep this review open for further updates. If anyone knows of any good, hard-wearing, lightweight, non-stick 10″ frying pans that don’t require special care, please let me know by adding a comment.NOTE: I wondered where the pan was manufactured, as it is not listed anywhere on the packaging, on the insert or on the pan itself. There is no clear country of origin stating: Made in Germany. If their marketing department is being deceitful about the country of origin, what else are they being deceitful about? I also wondered about the SGS Lab Test Results, as the pages are printed on the insert so small, that except for the SGS title at the top of the pages, they are unreadable. Using a magnifying glass, it was obvious that they were too small for the printing process as well, as the print is nothing more than a blur of small colored dots. I have contacted the Healthy Legend company about these matters, and I will update this review when I receive a reply.01/09/13. I received this info from”The uncoated pan and lid are from a subcontractor in Hungary. The final assembly and the ceramic coating is done in Germany where they want to control the process and keep it as secret. It is marked on the box Made in Germany. Most of the cost is the coating so it is classified as Made in Germany.””As far as the SGS review, that is the factory thing and we are just selling pans so I cannot tell you.”Also, on another reply:”It doesn’t have a SGS test page for each pan. That would be a waste of paper as few people would be so technical to read it.”And so it goes. Their sales department staffers do not seem to be as informed as they could be, or should be, concerning their products.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Good quality German non-toxic and no-stick ceramic coating
By Jerome Baker
I bought this one for 6 months now. I am using this everyday to cook my breakfast and dinner. The non-stick works well. The handling is good and the pan is very durable. I love to be able to do away with Teflon coating. I think the German ceramic coating is unbeatable. I saw there are some other ceramic coatings out there but I rather pay a little more for the best.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
4Works well
By heidi
Given for gift to a newly engaged daughter. She was looking for a pan similar to my scanpan, without the high cost.

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